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So the story begins….. I was hired to do the flowers for a wedding in Okoboji Iowa. After receiving 400 roses of the wrong color the day before we were to hit the road it all came together with an additional delivery of Ivory roses instead of Champagne colored roses about 4 am on Wednesday morning.  I am such a stickler on color! An employee Jamie and I were getting the flowers in processing them all in their buckets for water and loading up the minivan! Will it all fit? Of course! We had it all planned out!

Wrong rose color....

Wrong rose color….

See the difference in color?  Doesn’t work for me!

Loading into van...

Loading into van…

More loading.....

More loading…..

IT FITS!!!!  Shut the door!!!

IT FITS!!!! Shut the door!!!

The drive was enjoyable Jamie and I can chat about anything and never a dull moment  with us.  With our two big personalities in the car and the smell of the beautiful fresh flowers it was going to be a great next few days!    We arrived at the Hotel Resort after stopping only once for a Diet Mountain Dew!  We went to check in.  I explained to the front desk man that we had several  buckets of flowers  to bring in and what would be the best way to get to the room with the rolling carts they provided us with.  He directed us to head down the hall to the right and we would be around the corner!  Perfect!

Jamie and I unloaded to one cart and it took both of us to roll it in.   We got to the end of the hall way to take our turn and it was stairs going downstairs.  So what would you do?    I asked the man that was walking down the hall who also worked at the hotel where the elevator was!    He said there were no elevators in the hotel……….  I laughed as I really did think he was joking.  Then  another employee of the hotel came up and said no there are not elevators here in the hotel.  So I am looking at the cart that we just loaded up got through the doors and down the hall and we had to turn around go back to the front desk.  I am not a huge one on complaining I deal with the situation at hand and conquer all.  But…. really????  The guy at the front desk  saw us walk in and past him to go around the corner.  Fun entertainment for him?  Ha Ha!  We need a different room please on this floor.    There were no other rooms available.  However he did tell us an outside door to go through on one level.   Never mind we could have done that 20 minutes ago  and it is 90 degrees outside as we roll the cart down the parking lot and into the right level of a door to get to our room!  Uuuugghhh!!  LOL  I am sure it was just miscommunication on my part!

Everything is an adventure!  We get the flowers unloaded to the room, turn down the air to 55 degrees and we are getting set up!  YAY!!!!

The room was transformed to a flower shop!

The room was transformed to a flower shop!

Tarps were put down  to save the carpet and contain the mess furniture was moved out of the way and the large ice bin was brought to us  to fill buckets of flowers with ice to fool them into thinking they were in a cooler!  Despite the issues or misunderstanding with directing us to our flower shop/ room the staff there at the Hotel were amazing!   They got us banquet tables,  large ice cooler at our fingertips, brooms,  anything! The gals in the sales office were fantastic!

We got work!  Getting things set up  so when we were done with pieces we had places to set them cuddled in ice in aluminum foil pans.  Centerpieces were the first task!

Jamie working on getting ice in the foil pans

Jamie working on getting ice in the foil pans

Centerpieces getting lined up cuddled among the ice cubes.

Centerpieces getting lined up cuddled among the ice cubes.

80 stems of Stock, 48 Hydrangea, 96 Roses, 64 Fuji mums and 16 square glass vases later!  We have a third of the centerpieces done!  YAY  time for food!  Jamie and I went to the restaurant in the hotel for a dinner break and change of scene!  Not to mention to thaw out!  It was cold working in that room!  Jamie was wishing she would have brought socks.  I said if she was thinking that already it wasn’t going to be good when we had to sleep in there!   I told her I don’t warm up cold feet in my sleep!  LOL  Oh gosh we realized we hadn’t really even thought about that part!  We had a king size bed to share.  We both are not big on the slumber party, crash where you are kinda thing.  We would think about it later!  LOL  As we sat there eating I looked down as Jamie is trying to get her feet to thaw out.    I look under the chair and there are leaves that we have brought with us all the way from our room.  I wonder what we left in the hall way?

Leaves from the flower stems travel with us to for some dinner!

Leaves from the flower stems travel with us to for some dinner!

what is even funnier?  I am not usually amused by public or private toilets for that matter but  Friday morning I went to  the lobby bathroom  and there was evidence we had been there before also!



For the first night to sleep in our 55 degree room surrounded by ice filled buckets and trays  Jamie and I slept with the king size pillows between us down the middle of the bed.  It was good I felt like I was sleeping in the clouds as every time I would roll over I would see either white pillows or white flowers to the other side.   I always thought it would be warm up in the clouds though and it was freezing!

Come back next week to read the rest of this awesomely amazing story.

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