A Starfish and Sea Shell Wedding

These photos from Jessica Lepirds wedding (shot by James A. Stepp Photography) really show how much fun I had bringing the starfish and shells into the flower arrangements. It’s not something I get to do everyday in Iowa!

I even got to help her find some of the starfish that we used on my family trip to Florida. We stopped to find some of very small and different sizes perfect for the wedding! It was a fun adventure for our family and I was excited to bring it all back and put it together for Jessica.


Her bridal bouquet of white roses and blue delphiniums hand tied with rustic twine and shells hanging down was beautiful with her gown. Then we brought in the pops of color for her bridesmaid and for the long and low peace that sat on the altar and then eventually sat in front of them at the reception on the head table.


I love it when bride and grooms bring their personality into their flowers! I hope you enjoy the photos!
Jessica said…
Amy with Artistic Bloom was fantastic! I absolutely loved working with her and enjoyed talking with her about my flowers. Amy was very knowledgeable about the flowers and the flower creations she created. Also, she was very excited about my flowers. I was able to have a conversation with her about different ideas on my wedding flowers and it was great to have feedback and ideas that came from her on how to do flowers. I had a beach themed wedding and I wanted my flowers to reflect that, and I had a few ideas but she also had some as well and I let her be creative and create her own flowers, and they turned out beautifully. She even made the extra effort while she was on a personal trip to look for starfish, since Iowa really doesn’t have many options… The price for her expertise was fabulous! I couldn’t believe it, with how smart she is with flowers, how creative she is and her passion for creating beautiful bouquets, it was very affordable and she didn’t skimp on anything. I appreciate her work and would recommend her to anyone.

James A Stepp Photography-151


James A Stepp Photography-152


James A Stepp Photography-173


James A Stepp Photography-197


James A Stepp Photography-240


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James A Stepp Photography-665


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