A Visit to Koehler & Dramm Wholesale Florist

Sometimes when I meet with a bride they are looking to match a specific dress color. Whether it’s for table pieces, the brides bouquet or whatever the reason I need to find it in a flower!

That started my trip up to my supplier at Koehler and Dramm Wholesale Florist in Minneapolis.  They have so many flowers and shades of colors to look at, compare to and choose from! Oh I love that place. The smell is amazing and it just makes you happy to walk through all the coolers and see what nature has blessed us with! Check out this video as I walk through the coolers. It is amazing and breathtaking!

I ended up finding the varieties I was looking for to thrill my brides on their special day. I also timed it right with having to pick up flowers for the Everything Bridal show that weekend.  SO MANY CHOICES!!! It took me a while! Enjoy the video, next time I will take one of all the different hard goods and plants they offer. I just didn’t want to overwhelm you with it all in one post!

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