Characteristic Challenge of the professional Florist!

Characteristics to look for in a Professional Florist!

~ Recognizable style of work…… everyone wants something different!  Make sure your florist stands out and matches your style!

~Offers referrals from previous brides…….  Love to hear reviews don’t you?  Someone please tell me about a great experience with a vender.. I’m there!

~Well organized during the consultation…  Do they know your name when you walk in the door? Do they have their information together that you spent your time on answering for them before your consultation?

~Willing to work within your budget …. So you have told them everything you wish you could have and the numbers come in…… can they help you pair things down to get the same feel you are imagining with less cost? 

~Offers creative ideas , but HEARS your suggestions …..How many ideas have they given you to think about bringing your event together with a variation of flowers, colors or ways to doing things to enhance you initial thoughts?

~Doesn’t overbook their staff…….  I take 2 weddings a weekend only!  I intend to deliver to both of them!

~Works well with other local vendors ….. sometimes things happen and you need to be able to work with your other vendors to make the day fabu for the event!   Nice when you know who you are working with also to bring it all together!  Sometimes we can talk and make things behind the scenes even better!

~Provides photos of their work.  YES PLEASE!!

~Knowledgeable of price and selection by season.  If something isn’t in season or available then I don’t want to waste my time or yours talking about it!  Lets get to the things we will be able to see and use for you day!  If your budget is  not going to allow for Lady Slipper Orchids then why bring them up?

That’s my thoughts on that!  Have a great day!

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