Don’t break the bank!

Wedding flower centerpieces don’t need to break the bank!


Many brides I speak to get anxious when it comes to reception table flowers. I think the fear of panic takes over as they think of how many people will attend and that brings you to how many tables you will using and then what to put on them! After I have talked them to calmness and got their breathing back to normal   they have a better understanding  that not all the tables need to have massive centerpieces or need to cost you more than your wedding gown alone for  a couple of tables!  If you have spent the money on a nice venue then carry the theme throughout the end.   I usually start with what are the bridesmaids flowers?  Can we carry the flowers from them in some fashion on a portion of the tables?   For instance, if they have Hydrangeas in their bouquet lets incorporate them in a centerpiece.  They are large blooms and can make quite a statement for not a lot of cost depending how your use them.

Centerpiece Hydrangea and Corchid

Here is  a medium size  arrangement for an 8 top table with a stem of Blue Orchid.

white Hydrangea

white Hydrangea

Here is  one Hydrangea and is perfect for a cocktail table!  Or put 3 of them together with some candles for a 8 top centerpiece!

Below is  a large piece that creates that ambiance  of height in the room with a few lilies tucked in.

Tall Centerpiece

I tell my brides that when you get to the larger centerpieces you don’t have to have one on every table!  Maybe a  1/3 of the tables?  All Depends on what else you have going on.   Tall pieces  can be nice to intrigue people to walk around and mingle when you have different heights on the tables.   Low centerpieces are great for people to talk over however some people may prefer to sit at a  table with a tall centerpiece if they don’t really know who else they are seated with.   Always know that the options are endless!

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