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I had a conversation with another florist the other day about the trends of bouquets.  The new trend is to be going back to the cascade style.  They are beautiful and that is what is going to set the educated florists apart from the do it yourself people.  The florists that only know hand tied bouquets and the florists that don’t know how to work with bouquet holders.   It does require education just like any other profession to stay up to date on what is going on today.  How to improve your product and make your service and products better!

A while back I was doing a bridal show and I had a bouquet of hydrangeas there.  A photographer came up to me and said  “Nice, those flowers will be dead by the first hour of this show I hate brides that want that flower!”  WOW  positive man who obviously loves his job……. had it coming from me!  I explained to him  you must not have been working with the right florists!   This bouquet will live for the next couple days as it is in a holder and has a water source to it.  It is the people that don’t know how to work with the flowers and do what is best to keep them at their prime that give all of  us a bad rap.    The photographer kept checking on the bouquet throughout the day and was amazed.  Ha!

This is why I want to explain that there is a difference in florist not only their own styles  but how they use their mechanics.  There are still ways to get that fresh cut stems showing look using a holder but if you are not educated  you wouldn’t know that!     Next time you are at your florist for your wedding flowers listen to your florist.  Do they know what they are talking about?  Do they say how long they should last?  Are they giving you options for what will look good due to the climate and weather or the fact that the men’s body heat definitely has an effect on the life of the flower when wearing a boutonniere?   I want my flowers to look great through the entire day and evening there is no reason they should not if you are educated on the product you are selling!

Blue Hydrangea with Burlap wrap in a Holder

Blue Hydrangea with Burlap wrap in a Holder

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