Flower Turkey Class!

Good Morning all!
I am excited!  Tickets are on sale for my Create your own floral Turkey centerpiece!


Thinking about it,  maybe I should explain what it is that I and Artistic Bloom do.  I am a wedding and special event florist  that works by appointment only. I love creating an ambiance for an entire theme or party with flowers.  As I am not a retail florist that you can just stop in for a pick-me-up-feel-good bouquet or a get out of the dog house kind of gesture, it frees up my time a bit to approach the floral world from other aspects that I love!

I am a spunky, fun, energetic, happy person that loves the Holidays and I do love meeting new people!  I have a lot of knowledge in the floral industry and I have been asked a few times to teach classes.  So here I am!   I can’t wait to see what you will create from my instruction!     Sign up!  Buy a ticket!  Bring your friends!  It will be a great time to learn something new and you can take home the centerpiece for your own table or take it as a gift for the Thanksgiving Holiday!  Can’t wait to meet you!

Have your friends check it out at my Facebook event page!


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