Laugh at the stressers!

I found this article on the Knot!  It made me laugh and I got to thinking about some of my stressed out brides……When it comes down to it think about the big picture!  It is about you sharing your life with the another.  Most of you will be in a church saying your vows. Think about what that really means when you are all stressed out thinking about all the  other things to get done or how it is all going to look.    The big picture is about you starting your next chapter in your book of your life with the one that you love.  If things are missing or the wedding cake shows up with orange and red sugar flowers from the baker when your colors are pastel pink and white….Laugh! You will laugh in the years to come about it so why not start laughing now?  If the flower girl dress doesn’t come in and you have to hightail it to target for a white frilly dress that looks nothing like what you had pictured?  Laugh!!  Take it in stride.  Your flower girl will love it, she will twirl anyway at the dance and still be entertainment to the party!  Stop and smell your flowers as they will be beautiful  take it all in and  LOVE that everyone has come together to celebrate you and your happiness.  That is what matters!

If your looking for a florist to create a beautiful stress free day for you in the Des Moines Iowa area, give me a call I would love to meet you!


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