Neville McKay

It was an honor to be asked and to work with Neville McKay from Smithers Oasis for 3 days while preparing for a Bridal Design show at Koehler and Dramm in Minneapolis MN. the weekend of March 11th 2011. I learned new techniqes, products and ideas for Bridal design. Neville Mckay was gracious enough to let me help on some of the designs and I also assisted him on stage for presentation. It was a fantastic learning experience and Neville Mckay said it was a pleaure to work with me, mentor me and he looks forward to seeing me with my own design show on stage someday! Thank you Neville for the great laughs and great experience! Thank you Ardith Beveridge of Koehler and Dramm for asking me to be a part of the the weekend!

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