Staying in budget!

A.Peck 24-Web ReadyWhy have a budget if you don’t stay with in it or darn right close to it?

When I talk  to my brides I tell them to tell me their vision of what they want things to look like on their day.  We talk through it all and I write down and take notes and give ideas as she is describing things to me.  I can tell through out the consultation what is important to her and what is a must!  I can also tell what is not that big of a deal or she is telling me some thing because Aunt Rose told her to do it!    At the end of the consultation if time permits, I will ball park costs where things are at. If they have a budget in mind and we are over, I point out to where it sounded like to me are the most important things to her.   Then we go from there, either with changing flowers out or eliminating pieces.  Your florist should have ways to create a centerpiece at minimal cost or make suggestions on things you can use for a do it yourself project on a few tables to cut cost down but still make everything coordinate!

If you really want the lady Slipper Orchids in your bouquet, don’t budge on that!  Your bouquet will be the most photographed floral piece because you are holding it!!!   That is what you will remember when you go back to look at pictures!  Take the cost down in using less expensive but yet still formal and delicate looking flowers in the bridesmaids bouquets and then when you get to the ceremony stay with the color theme but use your flowers more wisely and change it up a bit to make your color and statement go as far as it can.  Don’t be afraid of Hydrangea or large Calla Lilies for instance you don’t have to use as many to make the statement you are wanting to make so cost wise you just might be ok!  Trust your florist and see what they suggest!  If they can’t get creative and have affordable ideas it’s time to move on!




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