The five senses for your wedding…..


When Planning a wedding, appeal to your guests five senses!

Make sure your decor surrounds them with an unforgettable memorable experience that they will be talking about for years!

Site- Interesting floral displays! Don’t have all centerpieces be the same or at the same height!  Create some ambiance with a few tall pieces! It adds so much to a room even if you just have a few it looks like there is more than there is! People will want to walk though and mingle to see what the other tables are like!

Smell- fragrant flowers and food! The smell of flowers is amazing when it fills a room you don’t get to experience that everyday! Don’t forget the food!  Especially after a long day you want your dinner to smell so wonderful you can hardly wait to get to get your fork in hand!

Touch- textural materials! Linens of color and texture are nice to bring things together, programs or favors are nice additions also!

Taste- delightful flavors!  Who ever said it’s wrong to have desert before dinner?  🙂

Hearing – Musical inspiration!  Dinner music is great to play while people are eating!  It takes the pressure off of having to make conversation with those they may not know…. yet!   Then let the musical inspiration set your stage to bust a move  for you or grandma!

Whatever your event may entail just make sure it is all in balance!  Make sure everything flows together and things were thought out.  Don’t skate thin on one thing because you overpaid or overdid in another area.

Have a great day!

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