Why attend a Bridal Show??

Hello to all of the Brides out there!  I am sure you have a lot on your mind with planning your wedding day.  The one day you will have with your husband that you will only have those hours of to spend with your family and friends looking amazing in your gown with your make up done and hair that is flawless.  Yes this is the big day. Is your heart beating heavily yet?  No worries! A great place to start is a Bridal show.

Yes it can be a bit intimidating with all the photographers and flowers, venues, cake samples, and so on.  Think of it in a different way, It is the one stop shop to see people’s styles of photographs, florists, taste that cake and find out who fits your style and what your are wanting best and you don’t have to spend hours of appointments quoting and evaluating people.  It is all right in front of you!

I love talking to brides at the bridal shows.  One on one communication is what I love!  Ask me anything I would love to answer it truthfully and if I don’t know the answer to your question you bet I will find out!   Meeting someone from my perspective is the best way to know if your vendor of choice will be great to work with.  As a florist, Check out my style!  See  the flowers that I like to work with. Look at how I put the colors together.  Do you like the shape of my round bouquets?  Yes there is a difference!  How are the details? Are the bouquets finished?  Am I showing you how the real finished look would be with how the handle of the bouquet could be tied?  A wedding is the attention to the details!    Ask me about Purple Gerbera Daisies if that is what you want.  I will be honest. Wouldn’t you want some one to tell you the truth instead of having flowers show up on your wedding day and they are a shade of dark pink?

Ask questions of the vendors and see how they respond.  I know there are a lot of people at the shows  just like you but you need to know that you will get the attention you deserve.  You can analyze so much in a couple hours.  Make notes!  Decide who you want to meet with to discuss things in detail a couple of florists, photographers and so on!  Give them a call after you have gotten home and gone through the info you obtained!    This will save you so much time not to mention anxiety!    Here are some pictures of my booths in the past!

Orchids and Lilies

Orchids and Lilies

Glen Oaks Grande Tasting

Glen Oaks Grande Tasting

sunflowers  IMAG0846


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