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I am not one to toot my own horn very often or really ever for that matter but I do  want to tell you why you should want me to do your flowers!  I have been in the floral industry for well, 21 years now.  I have done the retail side of things with long hours  for all those Holidays  everyone loves to celebrate with the flowers and I have done wedding and corporate and Charity events!    I have seen cakes that have fallen over or into themselves due to lack of knowledge of a support system for a tiered cake. I have seen the wrong color of linens placed out at an event and got them changed!   (Not pretty when your colors are pink and there are orange napkins on the tables!!)   I have redone a bridesmaids hand tied bouquet on the spot as a flower girl got a hold of it. I was  still setting up delivery  and she decided it should be used as a bat instead of a pretty bouquet!    The end result is that I care!  I want your day to be perfect!  That is why I try to get as much detail of your day that I can so I know when I am setting up what we talked about and I know what you expect!  I won’t leave until everything is  perfect!

In business these days or even as a consumer it makes me sad that few people take pride in their jobs or profession.  Why is that ?  If you are not happy move on!  Don’t bring everyone down with you!  I was at the mall a couple weeks ago  returning some Christmas items…. (  I know I am behind!)    I went to 3 stores and I returned 3 items and nobody even said “hi”  or thank you or thanks for coming in… let a lone how are you on this cold frigged day outside?   What happened to the oh no I am so sorry that didn’t fit  let me help you with something else to make your purchasing experience great here!  NOPE!  I was so depressed by the third store I was ready to just go buy my calorie filled cookie and call it a day!  But by the 4 th store that I didn’t have any returns in,  the gal was so peaceful and talkative.  She asked questions and wanted to help me have a great experience not only shopping but with her as well!    I stayed in the store I  didn’t really even like a few extra minutes  just because she brought my mood up to go on and  tackle the rest of the Mall world!  How does this relate to me doing your flowers?    Things like that with the experience at the mall wouldn’t have bothered me if I didn’t care and take care of my customers!

When I get flowers in…..  if they are off the color that we had talked about or had in mind I am on the phone to my supplier to figure something else out!  If  you have chosen Hydrangea for your flowers, it may be a bit more expensive to arrange them in a holder but when I explain to you that they will live through the evening  and you will be much happier and less stressed  you will thank me!    I take things to heart. I love  what I do.  I take classes and workshops  to become a better knowledgeable designer.  I want to know the tricks of the trade to pass them on to you for long lasting  flowers and incredible designs.  I have recently thought about going after my certification for American Institute of Floral Design for further education and to have that behind me.  However you could have the best designer in the world but if she doesn’t listen to your wants and needs  then you have nothing but  a big bill at the end of your event of someone else s creations!  I listen to my clients wants and needs and I want their input on whatever they want to give me their input on!  If they want to talk about her Bouquet and specific flowers and shades of red then that is what I take note on!   If I get red roses in for the event and they are all the same shade that doesn’t work for me or her!  I am going to fix it!

With Rene Van Rems AIFD

With Rene Van Rems AIFD

Why am I writing this?  I guess I just feel like I am passionate about my  job and the things I do. I am an energy giver not a taker  as  friend of mine said once.  LOL  I want people to leave an experience with me happy and positive!  If I don’t know the answer, I will find out for you!  I am a mom of two little boys and they keep growing and I will not be calling them little for much longer but I want to be a roll model for them.  They need to be passionate about what they do and who they speak to, get as much knowledge as they can about what their profession will be.   Strive to be top notch at everything!  Yes Mistakes will happen and somethings will be out of your control like the weather outside.  I know my ever wanted Palm Tree will never really live in my back yard but I will make the best of it and maybe just get an artificial one!  Whatever the occasion I am here to get you what you want with the personable service and knowledge  as well as work with your budget!  I guarantee you will leave a consultation with me feeling direction and comfort knowing  you have left the job to me.  Have a great day!

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